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The art style of your entry was gorgeous! In the aftermath, it reminds me a bit of the game mechanic of Deconstructeams "Zen and the Art of Transhumanism", which is also included in their game "The Red Strings Club" - and I loved that. :) I think it's great that you focused on one simple game mechanic: Adjusting the faces of people. It was great to figure out by myself what'd do for the clients and how I can do that efficiently and in a short time span. That's why I wrote a little article about this game and also uploaded a gameplay video. <3 Thank you very much for that one!

Best wishes,


My OCD won't let me not answer every comment hahaha.

Yeah, making it feel like actual work where you have to decide when it's good enough (or if you just want to skip a client) was the whole point. Also defining the formulas that decide whether a nose is pointy or piggy was quite tricky.

Thanks for the video and the article! :-)

You're very welcome, and I have to say that a new comment will await you pretty soon... :>


Really great concept, and love the art direction, but its just super hard? It doesn't feel like the computer responds well to my adjustments.

Either way, nice work.

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