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128 deaths. good lord.


This is very cool I'm gonna use it as an example in my class :)

That's amazing! :-D

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Like the bird action game, though. Since I saw that game on CoolMathGames, did you upload it on that website?

Yes, I worked with the staff at CoolMathGames to upload it there.


Efi Walkthrought


So hard!! I love the aesthetic!

hard, uninvert the controlas please


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Style and gameplay are pretty sick, as all your games.

And as all people do, let's put an image


i finish the game he was so cool !!!


Fun game, I've seen it on ArmorGames too. Ping me if you are interested in a partnership to publish it on other portals as well!


Always up for things like that. You can send me the details to:   hi.ludipe [at] gmail [dot] com


just a fun thing to do at the end of the game :D(yes i know i died a lot of times)


This really was a delight! It gave me fond memories of playing "Snake" on my super old Nokia (am I aging myself here? I think I might be aging myself).

The concept is wonderful, the way it's put together is great and it's a challenging game that's not impossible. It's got the right balance of everything! It's also super adorable, which gives it some bonus points!

I urge anyone who fancies a cute, challenging experience to this a go! Keep up the good work Ludipe! =)


62 Deaths ( the first two was just trying to get good with controls ) very fun game :D


too hard :(

the game has a simple and easy to understand style, but at the same time with a good and easy difficulty to get used to, the bird art is beautiful and the art style is beautiful too.
I find it interesting to implement some different bird characters for the player to choose.



Simple and fun idea. Cute birds.Catchy music. Controls turn a bit to fast for me though.

Lots of fun, but very hard. I like the addition of the "speed burst area" mechanic! Very cool! 

62 deaths! This game is a blast.

339 deaths ;-;
At least i won. Excelent Game!


I love it.


Great work in the jam, this was fun and some baby birds are really tough to get. But a good momma bird never gives up! :)


Nice game! A little frustrating when you have to turn 45°, but the art style got me for sure!

I found myself holding my breath for too long trying to get through rooms, which is probably a sign of how great this game is. ;)

nice one.

Great game! It's so simple, but fun and challenging! I featured it in my last video if you're interested!

Fun game but I kinda gave up after collecting 8 penguins or whatever bird they are! :)

Brutal, es super entretenido y es la mar de bonito y motivante! Morí 100 veces justas, no sé si contarlo como logro jajaja.

huge micro machines vibes. love it!

So hard, but it made me push through.

love love love it! so simple yet so fun! and the visuals are just top notch

Very polished game! Sometimes frustrating, but that is okay XD. Good graphics and music and gameplay!

Snake reloaded :P

Great game!

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Very addictive game. Nice graphics. Cool sound track.

oh man this is so good

Nice game! Love the simple illustration style

Awesome game !! Super hard tho haha i'm veeeery bad at this. The music is cute and the visual effects are lovely <3

This is an awesome submission!  Love the game and the vibe from the art and music.  

Just wish his head (or hit box) was slightly smaller.  That would help balance the fun vs frustration for more casual players.  Specifically, some levels where you needed to exit the same entrance it was razor thin margin for error.

Beat it, but died 98 times.


Nice game bro :)