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i think i won but am not sure and its okay that way

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Ahhh this was so confusing until I saw the rules! Spoiler: It’s like minesweeper. Spoiler 2: blue means 1 mine nearby, dark blue means 2, purple mean undiscovered

thank you that helped

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Stumbled into the rules manually, was really fun just picking it up and messing around

The visuals are so simple, yet mesmerizing. Nice vibe overall.

Love the music... so calming...who is the musical artist?

Hi! It was composed by Hernán Ojuel. It's in the game's description.



Amazing game I loved it, I can't even believe minesweeper can be conceptualized in a way like this. Though I was really confused at first I felt amazed when I finally figured out the rules.


wow thank's for the comment, I would have never figured it was minesweeper ^^'


me neither, I was so confused lol


This is wonderful! Really fun to figure out the rules. Great atmospheric take on a classic, which works surprisingly well without numbers!


the ambiance and music are wonderful, the  gameplay(?) also reminds of minesweeper quite a bit, is that intentional?


Hi there! Yeah, the game is basically a minesweeper (though using a hexagonal grid and hiding the actual numbers). It went through a couple of crazier iterations, but I ended up going for a more simple ruleset that favored a strong presentation.

thank you for clarification!