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Played it like five times


Capitalisms is very dead


how can the ai can control both paddles in doubles but i cant?

That's an unintended feature (controlling both paddles), sorry!

hey did you fix the double paddle ai bug becuz it's possible to control two paddle without ai also the stand on one leg rule is not working

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Concept is good and innovative, congrats !

Cool approach to Pong. Fun to play.

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I loved this game. Lol. I literally got these modifiers one match I played. Smaller paddle with every hit, paddle won't stop moving, and inverted controls. I saw one glitch by the way. In that game, the AI didn't follow the always moving rule. Great job on the amazing game!

It's really fun and creative, just wish the singleplayer had a good AI, but I get it's a demo.

Nice idea!! :D


Really hilarious, had a good time with this one. Pretty original indeed!