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gg, it took about 30min for me

Relaxing although the narration gave it a really sombre tone haha
Super impressive for a few hours of work!


Oh this is lovely! The music and sound effects are really soothing, especially the crumply noise between levels. The visuals are very simple but pleasing to look at, and the puzzles themselves are fun! I almost got stuck on them a couple of times, but was able to figure it out and that was very satisfying c: I enjoyed it a lot!

Really cool puzzle game, although level 6 is so hard, I'm not sure what to do.


Haven't finished playing yet but wanted to say - love the music and love the way you implemented the invisible tutorial. For the first puzzle I had no idea what to do but I completely got it by the second one. Good work.


Me gustó mucho la mecánica :) muy relajante todo, podría estar horas jugando más y más niveles

A mí también me demoró un poco entender el primer nivel porque creí que los tres ... de abajo eran un menú de opciones o algo así


Aquí un comentario en español. Es precioso. Me encanta que siempre crees puzles complejos con mecánicas tan simples y fáciles de entender. No sé qué tipo de fuentes de inspiración usas, pero siempre consigues diseñar mecánicas muy distintas y llamativas desde el inicio. 


¡Buenas! Me alegro mucho de que te gusten mis juegos :-D
En cuanto a lo de la inspiración, sale un poco de cualquier sitio. Normalmente es más fácil que me inspire con cosas que inicialmente no están relacionadas con juegos (aunque luego busque mecánicas o estructuras más comunes para articular esas ideas).


this is really lovely




Dang, that was really good. Narrative and puzzle elements in sync. And... highly relatable. May we both get through tough times. 




Really nice and calming puzzler. I like that you made the most out of your mechanics instead of just piling on new block types. 

It's a minor annoyance that (even though its cute!) the :( face means you have to lift up the block to see how many you need for that's the only thing I rubbed up against while playing, the rest of the game is a smooth and polished treat!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, that's a design flaw. I remember thinking about it, I'm not sure if it's a bug or if in the end, I disabled that because I hated seeing a bunch of sad faces in line haha.


This is great. Enjoyed every second of it :)


Yeah its pretty amazing.


thank you for the experience! The music, the writing, the puzzles and the minimal UI and graphics are all working together so well!


Wow, what a neat little puzzle game. It was calming, had a really nice art style/sfx and the little story behind it was also really neat. Good way to start my morning!

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Weird bug: I can hear the SFX, but there's no music :/

(only happens when installing from the desktop app though)

Thanks for reporting this! My guess is that it has to do with the browser the desktop app uses (html5 games can have some odd audio bugs on specific browsers).


The first level is super confusing, maybe have both pieces off the board instead?

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the first level is confusing lots of people. I put that piece on the grid because I thought it'd help players understand the concept, but looks like I achieved the opposite haha.

Just uploaded a fix that puts that piece out of the grid and adds a quick text hint.


Lovely relaxing game. Thanks!


Very cool. I love the freedom of placing pieces. Requiring only a number of spaces to be filled was a great choice!


The first level (2/22) is really REALLY hard. It felt like half an hour until I gave up. I skipped to second level (4/22) which was child's play. Anyone stuck @ 2/22 I recommend skipping to 4/22, solve that, go back to 2/22 and use your newly gained experience.

BTW: There is a bug. Since I was suck that long at 2/22, I managed to "destroy" the trinomino splitting it in two (once even three) separate parts. You might want to look into it.

Hi, thanks for reporting all this!

What was the hardest part of 2/22? I meant for it to be a tutorial. You only need one move to solve it as I was hoping that could be used by players to toy around and understand the rules.

Regarding the bug, could you provide some more information so I can understand how to replicate it?


Due to the spoilering nature of this reply, I'll rot13 it, decode using

Gur uneq cneg gb haqrefgnaq vf, gung gur bayl cvrpr va gur tnzr vfa'g gur bar gb qb nalguvat jvgu. Vafgrnq, lbh unir gb gnxr gung hfre vagresnpr ryrzrag ba gur evtug naq zbir vg yvxr n cvrpr vagb gur cynlvat svryq. V.r. gur ceboyrz vf, vg'f rnfl gb zvff, gung guvf rkgen cvrpr npghnyyl vf n cvrpr. Va nyy bgure yriryf, vg orpbzrf pyrne vzzrqvngryl, orpnhfr gurer vf abguvat ryfr gung pna or qbar, ohg va 2/22 V qvqa'g trg gung.

Naq pbaarpgrq jvgu guvf vf gur oht, ol zbivat nebhaq gung cvrpr ntnva naq ntnva, ng fbzr cbvagf, gur cvrpr whfg trgf oebxra. V fhttrfg lbh whfg gel vg lbhefrys, chg lbhefrys va gung zvaqfrg, lbh qba'g xabj jung gb qb naq whfg gel rirelguvat jvgu gung cer-cynprq cvrpr.

Great, I understood the confusing part and I'll update it later today.

I'm still not fully able to recreate that bug, but I'll keep trying to see if I can find what's wrong.



Hi there!
I've just played the first few levels for now, will continue next week :)
I can relate to having difficulty sorting out emotions (sometimes playfully trying hard, sometimes angrily... and sometimes just "buuuh, giving up for now") and I'm glad you did a take on this!
Since I'm using a laptop with a touchpad that doesn't have physical buttons, the rotation input is hard to use: you need to tap with two fingers while dragging with one finger, and the laptop doesn't always get it. This makes exploration annoying starting with 6/22. Could you allow rotating clockwise/counterclockwise using a key for each direction?
Have a nice day :)


Right, I didn't see how that would be troublesome with touchpads. I just uploaded a fix that lets you rotate pieces by pressing space. I hope that helps!

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you always make such beautiful game ❤️  I feel like this could easily be a game that could play on mobile!