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Very pleasant board game.


Cool game, I was not expecting it to actually work on mobile so good job on that. It would also be cool if you did some more work on making sure the rooms and card generation are balanced, because sometimes it’s very difficult to make it work with the cards you’re given.

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Amazing game, I found this and then constantly played it for a few days, and during that I found a few glitches. One thing is that sometimes you would be completely enclosed when you start a level, and you can't move around at all. This ended a few of my better runs, and was really annoying. I also glitched outside of the map once, no idea how, but besides all of those things, it is a great game.

On a side note, I am very confused on how to use the beast potions.

I'm super sorry to hear that glitchy levels ended your runs several times. I'm chasing a few bugs (like that one), but it's a bit hard to verify when a solution actually worked. I'll keep working on this and upload a new version when ready!

I'll take a look into the other bug (when you got out of the map). If you can recall anything about that scenario, it'd help a lot.

Regarding potions, they all take effect after tapping on them. You get a hint about each potion when you pick them up and you can reset hints on the menu.

I also made an Android build, but it's a bit rougher than the PC one.

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I was using WASD to control the character, and I just tried again and if you spam it enough it will happen I was unable to do it using the cards though

Oh, wow. WASD was a debug thing I forgot to remove hahaha. You're not supposed to use that at all. It's likely to be the cause of the bug.

I just uploaded a new version (both desktop and web). The level generator should (hopefully) skip faulty levels now.


All right thanks! I thought that the WASD thing was intended lol.


Really nice game. Looks really well polished and I like the concept. Do feel like the randomness of the cards is making it too ... well... random sometimes. Hinders progress because it seems purely based on luck. Or, I just don't see the logic fully yet ;-)


Hi there! Yes, I was super undecided regarding randomness implementation (and I'm still am a bit haha). For me, having some sort of random (and having players weight chances) was a core part of the concept. I really like pondering scenarios like "I could go here and play it safe, but I also could go there, but if I don't get X it's going to be tricky", but there are some game situations that can be frustrating (I'm not sure if randomness can be 100% blamed for this or if the issue is related to level/enemy design).

That aside, it's not that much luck-based, I get consistent scores. It's all about playing around walls and thinking a bit about chances.

Long story short, thanks for the comment, it's not purely based on luck but I agree there are some frustrating situations that are a pain in the ass.

Yeah I can imagine. What's frustrating is when you have to go back and forth a bit because you get the opposite arrows only a few tries in a row. But I agree, it's also part of the charm of the game.