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I have a question, how did you decide the letters for each request and which ones to avoid?

I honestly can't remember hahaha, it was so long ago. I'm guessing I probably hand-picked the letters that can appear on the requests.


This is my favourite game on itch, I always go back to replay :)


I love this form of typing game. Do you think you can implement an endless mode?


It's certainly doable, but I finished this project a long time ago and I'm working on new things. I might revisit this later on, I love spelling games!


I look forward to whatever you create next!


The rules made me anxious. It made me feel like I was going to do something wrong lol


I believe I noticed a typo in the Rules! The second rule says "our client expects real worlds". Shouldn't it say "words"?


Yeah, that's totally a typo!

dang this is real hard for my bad memory

I typed "cutting" they said that it looked tasty????



nice, this looks tasty


it took me so long but I did it...


Ahh this is super fun! Would love to see it on iOS or something because I could play this forever on the train. I only wish we could see what words we entered at the end, but that's just because I like to brag, haha.

very fun


Perfectly good words keep getting rejected with no explanation! Either expand the dictionary or warn players of what kind of words are excluded.


through playing the game I noticed the things most excluded were modifiers to words, like adding an s, -es, -er, etc. though you're right that having that listed as a rule would be helpful!

i kept trying to use effervescent but it didn't consider that to be a word either.

Apologies for that! It was the first time I implemented one of these systems and looks like I chose a poor dictionary.


No problems! I still really enjoyed the game and it added a bit of challenge as I had to try and figure out what words it would accept! :D


The game is very good and rather challenging. BTW I want a job like this where you tipe words that cost 10 dollars and much more)


That was fun! It would make a cool competitive multiplayer game! Thank you!

lovely idea & presentation. I am really really bad at it (i am bad at all typing games), but it was still great fun.

This is a really good game and I like it



Nice presentation, but I find it to be way too hard. Perhaps either lowering the difficulty, or making adding ever increasing goals, or something would make this more of a difficulty, rather then just having a rather ambitious goal at the beginning, and having random difficulty spikes with each request.

I really like the idea here and the presentation is simple, but charming. Couldn't beat it as I would always reflexively hit backspace at some point and reload the previous page, which isn't the dev's fault.


While the gameplay may be simple or basic, it's still pretty demanding for people, that don't have English as their first language (as you well know :D ) - so I found it to be a sweet challenge. Also, I really loved the typewriter. Not just how it looks like, but also the sound design. <3 It's great that you didn't just add the typing sounds, but also for the 'ripping out' of the paper. Great work! Happily I included your Ludum Dare 41 entry in one of our compilation articles about the jam as well as it's featured in the corresponding gameplay video. :)

Best wishes,

I really love this game! Simple, and addicting! What game engine did you use?

Construct 2 :-)


I LOVE typing games, and this was just original enough that it was really fun. :) I hope you don't mind but I made a short little video of it. Thanks for making this game!! 


This is lovely! Thank you :-)

Loved this game, took multiple tries to finish it, but I loved every second of it. Thank you and congratulations!

Neat game! Reminds me of old days at school play wordgames with pen and paper :)

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So I really love this game: it gives me a chance to flaunt my vocabulary, and the ambiance: just the sounds of the typewriter, everything in black and white, oh. I love. My only gripe is that sometimes I write words that I know are words, but aren't accepted. Franchising, most words ending in -ed, a few in -y...  Anyway. My highest was around 1700 something. 

I generally avoid typing games, but damn, this is a nice one (especially for being in 9 hours!)


I don't know how to play this.. ;-;


Use the right arrow key to advance. After reading an order you just type in any word you want and press again the right arrow key to send it (if the dictionary can't find it the game will tell you "We can't use that). Find real words that follow your client's needs. That's pretty much it.

I've never played a typing game -- thanks for introducing me to the genre with a fun game.  Way to go!

Really fun game - great work. Also did a typing genre :D

I checked out yours, it's pretty cool! :-)

really nice game :D

Thanks! :-)

A question. How do you put a diccionary of 70.000? plugin maybe?

It's just a txt file with 70.000 words. The engine has a function to figure out if a given string is part of another string. I just added a few tweaks to make sure it worked properly.

nice work! out of curiosity, where did you get you dictionary of words?


Thanks! :-)
I just googled something like "English word list txt" and found lots of different options. I downloaded a couple and tested them (trying different words that came to my head and seeing which ones included them).