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Alright, first things first, I love old school 2D pixelated games like this! Brings back memories of my Atari days... I mean, no, I'm not that old! Stop looking at me like I'm old!

Right, now that's out of the way let me go through some other feelings I had. I love the slow build-up of the story, slowing dropping hints room by room as you figure out more puzzles and mysteries.

The hidden passages were incredibly well concealed, and cleverly placed! I found myself looping back a few times before I realised what I was meant to do now and again, which is the sign of a well-made thinking game!

Finally (and SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn't played this yet... Even though ultimately nothing hugely spooky happens, the atmosphere is amazing! I always felt like there was someone, or something, watching me. I was hearing footsteps, I was imagining things following me... I was a paranoid wreck at times!

Awesome job all round, I had a great time playing this! Keep making amazing things! =)

Hm, any hints as to whether there's more than one ending?

There's only one ending.

It's just like one of those dreams...

I was very happy to see that you once again ventured into a jam, dear Luis! :) The gothic atmosphere (also, but not only, created thanks to the neat piano music by PianoFortress) in combination with interesting room puzzles has been fantastic! At the same time you leave enough narrative empty spaces in the game, so that the player has to think about what exactly happened in the past and for what reasons. Sure, you say a lot, but you still leave it vague enough. I thought that was just great. <3 And so I'm happy to say again that I recommended your game along with two other Gothic Novel Jam submissions in a compilation article. And for those who are interested, one minute of gameplay can also be seen in the accompanying video. :) Keep up the good work, my friend! (And heh, a German word as a game title? That was unexpected!)

Best wishes,


I had a couple of months filled with deadlines and things but I'm back to my usual game jam schedule. Already prototyping something new :-P

Really happy to hear you liked it! :-)

By the way, I learnt that german word long ago thanks to chess and I always thought its meaning was beautiful. I had to use it at some point hahaha.

This was great! Nice atmosphere and just the right amount of twistiness.

Loved the atmosphere :)