A roguelike made in 48h for #7DRL about trying to be an adult and surviving 2018.

Some notes about it:

- Reach the last day of the month to get to the next one. The game ends when December ends.

- It might take a few runs to get the hang of it.

- It's not supposed to be hard if you think your moves. Let me know on twitter if you managed to beat it (and how many runs it took).

- The key to completing it lies in mastering your skills (the buttons on the left side). This recharge at the start of each month.

Full instructions:

- You click on nearby tiles to move (you'll know you can move if the outline is yellow).

- After you move to a new tile your stats will change.

- There are skills you can use on the left. The first unblocks locked tiles (the ones you can't move to), click on that skill and then select a column. The second skills lets you jump over tiles, click on it and then select the tile where you want to go. The last one is a shield, click on it; it'll block the effect of the next tile you step on. YES, skills can be comined, for example, activate your shield and jump afterwards.

by Ludipe


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Congrats ! 

It took me a few runs to understand the game, but once I got it it got really fun, really forces you to think ahead and plan every move

Congratulations! now im a world class adult. yeay!!

its my first gameplay about this video. hoep you enjoy it! :)

Nice! This was fun.


loves it

Aaaw, thanks! :-)

Took a long ass time to get to the end, but I finally made it. It took a few tries to understand the flow of the game, but once I understood it, the game just opened up. Good job on this.

Well executed and fun! I've enjoyed it a lot. This could make for a nice mobile game I think.

Thanks! :-D

It was fun making it, I might try to do a few tests with this concept once I finish a few on-going sideprojects

agh! sweet taste of depression...

cute game! on the 2nd try, i made it through the year. there were some close calls though. too real lol :P

I have added you to the stream queue for monday's show https://twitter.com/stalkjimmy/status/972561646387417094

it's almost like darksoul but more realistic 


What a sad win screen!

Cool tiny game,

I don't think it's too hard (nor impossible), there is always a clever solution!


Thanks! Yeah, I was afraid people would think it was a bit too hard. but looks like pretty much everybody is getting to the  end :-)