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Once again, your game is good and addictive. Mains mechanics are simple but yet efficient. Congrats !

Hi, I might be blind, but how do you make it English? I seem to only have the french version and while I appreciate the translation, my french is terrible

Hi! Adultlike was meant to be browser-based only (that one is still in English). The downloadable versions were made a year after its release and for a special occasion. English-speakers should play on the browser. Sorry about that.

Thank you very much!

hi! i enjoyed your game and i'm planning to show it to my pupils in my class ; the problem is they are all french and most of them might get overwhelmed with the english. does provides any kind of tool for internationalisation? i'd be more than happy to do the translation work. thank you!

I'll try to check this today later at home and see how hard it'd be to translate it :-)

thanks! let me know if i can help.

So I took a look at the source and all the text seems to be integrated through code and not images. So I can send you a spreadsheet on Thursday with all the text, you can translate that to French and I'll implement it. Send me a message to and I'll get you the spreadsheet once it's ready :-)

that's awesome! mail sent.

Congrats ! 

It took me a few runs to understand the game, but once I got it it got really fun, really forces you to think ahead and plan every move

Congratulations! now im a world class adult. yeay!!

its my first gameplay about this video. hoep you enjoy it! :)

Nice! This was fun.


loves it

Aaaw, thanks! :-)

Took a long ass time to get to the end, but I finally made it. It took a few tries to understand the flow of the game, but once I understood it, the game just opened up. Good job on this.

Well executed and fun! I've enjoyed it a lot. This could make for a nice mobile game I think.

Thanks! :-D

It was fun making it, I might try to do a few tests with this concept once I finish a few on-going sideprojects

agh! sweet taste of depression...

cute game! on the 2nd try, i made it through the year. there were some close calls though. too real lol :P

I have added you to the stream queue for monday's show

it's almost like darksoul but more realistic 


What a sad win screen!

Cool tiny game,

I don't think it's too hard (nor impossible), there is always a clever solution!


Thanks! Yeah, I was afraid people would think it was a bit too hard. but looks like pretty much everybody is getting to the  end :-)