#Art was made in about 12 hours for Jam For Change (Devspace + Women's Aid)

by Ludipe

This is a game for up to 18 players, each of you will only need to press one key. At the beginning of each round press the key you want to use to join in. After everybody is ready you'll have 30 seconds to draw something (it's up to you to collaborate or not).


Once the time is up, the painting will be framed, named and displayed in your art gallery. If you play several rounds in a row you'll see your art gallery slowly filling up (it'd be great to have this game running at some event *wink* *wink*).

After each round the game will enter "screensaver mode" (until you choose to start a new work of art).

Additional notes:

  • You can toggle fullscreen pressing "M".
  • It's not about winning or losing, just having a laugh and filling your gallery.
  • Sound and music might take longer to load on the web version.
  • It's not common but sometimes the browser version doesn't get keyboard input, refresh or minimize the window to fix this.
  • Some keyboards have restrictions regarding how many keys you can press at the same time (specially laptops).
  • The mac version hasn't been tested and might not work at all.


  • Violin Concerto in E major, RV 269 'Spring' - I. Allegro by John Harrison.
  • Symphony no. 5 in Cm, Op. 67 - I. Allegro con brio  by Fulda Symphonic Orchesta.
  •  Canon and Gigue in D major by Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.
  • Overture to William Tell by United States Marine Band.
  • Minuet in G major, Anh. 114 - Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach by Aaron Dunn
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tagsartgame, classical, Experimental, Funny, gallery, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, paint, party-game
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 10


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its ok

i guess...


I just played this 25 minutes ago when i came back my art gallery Is empty. 


I'm sorry that happened. I haven't had the chance to test the game that thoroughly, though I've showcased it at a few events and it's the first time I hear about that happening.


So cool and such a fun concept!


took me a tiny bit before i got the hang on it but i really like the game play!

thanks for this great game!


Thank your for all your lovely comments! <3


I loved how you managed to make a game, which is fun when being played alone (with at least two keys, being said) or by many people at once! I created some pretty crappy images, but it was a blast to produce each one of them. :D But maybe the greatest thing about the game design of "#ART" is the fact, that you decided to not evaluate the creations afterwards. There's no algorithm that says to me "Oh, great, you matched 74 % of the bunny structure that we had in mind, so you get 74 out of 100 points, congratulations." - it's really just some fun for itself. No external opinion afterwards is needed, and you've done well by not implementing something like that, because it fits with the intrinsic nature of art. <3 Well done! Of course I wrote an article about your newest entry as well as uploaded a video, where I show off some of my, ummm, 'masterpieces'... :D Thank you for this game! I really hope that some kind of museum or some institution might pick it up one day to involve it in some interactive exhibition or something like that!

Best wishes,


Aawww, thanks a lot, that's exactly what I was going for :-)

I'll do my best to get this one in some showcase


Fingers crossed, it'd be a perfect fit! :)