This is playable thing made for Playables Jam 2019. It lacks common game features such as goals, menus and instructions (this was done on purpose following the jam theme). Read more information here. If using the arrow keys is scrolling the page on your PC just use WASD or toggle fullscreen mode.


Arrow keys or WASD to walk around.

X to create a ladder or use one.

Z to drop breadcrumbs.

R to reset the game.


I wanted to play around with the idea of breaking how space and exploration usually work. In this game you navigate procedural ruins, but they aren't random. Every player explores the same map, which is finite and as you explore you should find traces of your own tracks. Ladders placed in one specific spot of one specific floor will always have the same destination (there are strict rules that dictate how they work).

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Made withConstruct
TagsExperimental, Exploration, Procedural Generation, Walking simulator


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Developing this further with more of a goal (or more things to interact with) could become intriguing.

Feature suggestion:
Could we have another pair of buttons for breadcrumbs and ladder? Preferably J & K. Playing two-handed on ASDW+ZX is a bit cumbersome.


Yeah, I agree that WASD + ZX isn't ideal, you can still use the arrow keys to move around.

Given the nature of the jam, this game won't be updated. I'm mostly prototyping tiny things that I might use on future projects, but for now they'll remain as tiny playable goal-less things.

A small but really interesting concept!