A small game about finding the true names of demons.

I started making this for the Case of Thinky Game Jam but didn't find time to finish before the deadline.

Music by FabienC@RustedMusicStudio. Demon facts written and reviewed by Bill. The demon sprites were made using Wigglypaint.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(82 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsDetective, Mystery, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, supernatural, Text based, Touch-Friendly


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very cute and funny!

Liked this game, it was fun trying to figure out the names of the demons :) Anyways, Demonology 101 is the first game in my 3 random itch.io games video.


please make rule 34 content for Belzbro.

Great fun!


This game is very good. I was looking for a short and funny game and this game totally fulfilled it.

(1 edit) (+2)

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не можу тепер відкрити гру в чому причина?

Ідея непогана, супер

Sorry, but I didn't understand the essence? Seems it does work well. Please explain me how to play this game))


So the game is all about figuring out the name of the demon in front of you (press summon to show the first one). The demon catalog on the right contains clues you must use to identify the demon. When you think you've found the right name, click confirm the name. So for example, if you think the demon in front of you is Belzebro, have that page open and then click confirm.

If you were right, the demon will go away. If you were wrong, they'll mock you and you won't be able to guess another name for half a minute.

The game ends after you find the name of 5 demons.



3 lines dialog texts are cropped on Firefox…

firefox vs chromium screenshot :

Nice game tho ! thanks :)


Hi! I play and debug everything on Firefox. Is there any chance you're zooming in/out or changing the scale of the page?

OK, I just checked that the zoom is at 100% and reloaded. No difference.

Looking at the screenshots more closely, I can see that there’s a kind of padding above the text in the dialog text, but also in the buttons. This is certainly what makes the last line disappear.

I use Firefox 111.0.1 / Debian 12

Strange but no big deal, I was able to fully enjoy the game on chromium and I might be the only one experimenting that issue, so no worries !

(’<_ ’


Thanks for the information! I'll look into it either way, it's always a bit tricky when you can't debug a bug on your own.




lesser key of solomon vibes 

(1 edit) (+1)

This game is very nice, i was searching for a short and funny game and this game fullfiled this!


Jul vf rirelbar urer hfvat EBG13? V zvtug or fghcvq, ohg V whfg qba'g trg vg.


Just to cover potential game spoilers (like hints or solutions).


Ok, that makes sense


Wait a second, I think it's possible to make it so that certain formatting (for example heading 1) creates spoiler text. I've seen that in emuurom comments, I think.




It's ROT13, a cipher

oooooooooooooo THAT IS SO COOL!


Yeah, I literally wrote the first comment because I was confused about why everyone uses it in this game's comment section


Believe the gospel and get saved. Repent for judgment is coming. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Romans 3:10,23,6:23,10:9-13, John 3:16, Revelation 20:8-15


We're not actually summoning demons.


or are we?
(vsauce theme starts playing)


It's just a silly puzzle game. Even if it were about actual demons, do you seriously think commenting random bible verses is gonna change anything?


This game is fun! I loved figuring out which page went with each demon!


Lovely game! :D


super fun game, and so cute! the puzzles were so unique


fun & cute


good game but im stuck on the 5th demon :(




kool game!


This game is super cute! I loved everything about the game from the art, the music, the guidebook, the gameplay, etc. It was an overload of cuteness. Thanks for making it! ( ˶ˆᗜˆ˵ )


This was a really cute premise for a game! Unravelling who each demon was was fun, although I'm confused about some of the correct answers. (e.g. the demon who explicitly says they were just about to go drink coffee had "will refuse any drink other than water" at the top of their page).

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Rrretu vf gur bccbfvgr bs gurve byqre fvoyvat, Nnnetu, jub nyjnlf gryyf gur gehgu.

Ahh, that makes sense! Thank you. (And I saw the solution for the other one I was a bit confused about.)

Deleted 54 days ago

I noticed a mistake from the second demon:

uvf svefg cuenfr vf "url, V jnf nobhg gb unir n phc bs pbssrr!" v svtherq bhg gur anzr whfg ol thrffvat ohg va Rrretu'f cebsvyr vg fnlf ur jvyy "ershfr nal qevax bgure gura jngre" naq qbrfa'g zragvba gung ur vf n yvne fb jr nffhzr ur vf nyjnlf gryyvat gur gehgu sebz gur ehyrf va gur ortvaavat.

https://rot13.com/=(translater website for those curious who don't care about spoilers)

Gung cntr nyfb fnlf gurl'er gur pbzcyrgryl bccbfvgr bs gurve oebgure, jub nyjnlf gryyf gur gehgu.  :-)

Ludipe, can you give me a hint on the first monster please?


Notice the amount of sugar-related puns they make...

Some people saying they had a hard time finding the last one? It was the only one I got first try


I just figured out the last one. If anyone needs any hints on it, don't play in full screen ;)

I don't see any difference T-T


Another hint: Who wrote the demon descriptions?

very fun to play ^^


Very clever and fun game ! Gotta admit, I couldn't find the last name by myself :/ But it was a fun puzzle

How do I confirm names?

Once you've identified the demon, click the button on the left that says confirm to choose the name from the page that is currently open.


Oh yea.....I actually just saw the rules, thanks a lot


This was so interesting and fun! Congrats!

How did you found out the last name? I was able to figure out only by brute force, so I'm curious on how I was supposed to do it


You can use https://rot13.com to translate the following code.

N ehyr va gur znahny fnlf qrzbaf qba'g xabj nobhg gur thvqr lbh'er hfvat gb yrnea gurve anzrf. Ohg gur ynfg qrzba zragvbaf gur thvqr, fb ubj pbhyq gung or? Ba gur svefg cntr bs gur thvqr (nybat jvgu gur tnzr perqvgf, vg nyfb nccrnef ba gur vgpu cntr) gurer'f n yvar gung fnlf Ovyy jebgr naq erivrjrq gur qrzba snpgf ba gur thvqr. Naq gurer'f na ragel gurer nobhg n qrzba anzrq Ovyy, fb gurer'f n qrzba gung urycrq jevgr gur thvqr naq xabjf nobhg vg. Naq Ovyy'f ragel ba gur thvqr vf shaal jura lbh ernyvmr ur jebgr vg (vg fnlf Ovyy vf vaperqvoyr naq fhpprffshy naq nyfb fhcre uhzoyr).


Brilliant bite sized experience


Tried this on a whim.  It is a nice and fun little guessing game.  Simple controls that'll probably help if someone's playing on tablet, cute aesthetic with easy to read text, pretty chill music.  Thanks for making this.


It's a cute game but for some of the demons it's kind of hard to guess so you just have to click through and click whatever one since the demons you think fit don't actually fit.


This was really neat, jrer lbh zrnag gb nffhzr gung ovyy jebgr gur qrzbabybtl obbx, be ng yrnfg punatrq uvf ragel va vg?


Lbh pna irevsl gung snpg, purpx bhg gur tnzr perqvgf (obgu va-tnzr naq ba gur vgpu cntr unun).


jbj, gung'f ernyyl tbbq, V ybir zrgn chmmyrf yvxr gung


This was such a neat little cross-referencing game, I loved it. Thanks for sharing!


Really enjoyed this one!

Small critique:

Sbe gur guveq qrzba, gurl fnl "ol gur jnl" juvpu oernxf gurve qbhoyr r unovg


Oh, good catch! I double-checked everything but it's never enough haha. I just uploaded a patch.


This is a lot of fun! Flicking through the book trying to find the references feels really detective-y. I want more!


Very clever game, though as is common with detective games it’s fairly easy to make wild guesses based on half-baked assumptions.

If by any chance someone is reading this comment before they actually play the game: For every demon there’s a definitive way to determine their identity, you will know it when you find it.

I thought the art was pretty neat, the Wigglypaint style is a cool way of giving the demons a slight “otherworldly” vibe in a strangely adorable way. I was expecting the designs of the demons themselves to be more important to determining their identity, though.

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