Tiny game made in about 4 hours for GamesAid Mental Health Jam. Takes about 1-2 minutes to play.


You only need your mouse to play. The game will activate fullscreen mode after the menu. You can toggle it with F or Escape.

TINY SPOILER IF YOU ARE STUCK: You need to click on "I'm not ok" several times after the menu.

Blurb about the game.-

Whatever this game made you (or didn't make you) feel is the most relevant thing here. But if you're curious, this is about showing the frustation of not being able to fully verbalize feelings. Sometimes saying "I'm not feeling ok" can be very hard.
"How are you?" is a simple question that can help people in dire situations. Keep in mind that, though asking it is a great gesture, the other part might not feel up for it. Never push people if they don't open up. It's a casual question and you can ask it again some other time.
We need to forget about mental health stigmas and remember that the most important thing is to check on those close to us.

Technical blurb.-

Made using Construct and Mateus speech bubble template (I kinda butchered it in the process).
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsExperimental, Mental Health, Short, weird


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I have a private journal. I've written "I'm not ok" on it so many times I literally spam it. Felt funny to do it in a game as well.


This was cute. I really like how it shows how hard it is to talk about mental heath.  :3


Smart and effective, gg for doing it in 4 hours !


Really nice, it put a smile on my face once I got what you were going for.

i loved it! nice little game :


gets the message across really well! i like it!

great game!i'm still trying to win the "..." level

me too

Cute game with an important message. Thanks for this!

I really hope that the intention is how saying, "I'm not OK" is so shunned, because that's what I got out of it.  But I'm not OK right now...

That was what I was going for. Sorry to hear you are not feeling ok right now, remember to surround yourself by those close to you.

OK, it certainly gets that across.  I think I need to mostly deal with some of the chaos, and most of that is just weathering it.