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Smart and effective, gg for doing it in 4 hours !

Definitely an effective little game, nice work!

Really nice, it put a smile on my face once I got what you were going for.

i loved it! nice little game :

gets the message across really well! i like it!

great game!i'm still trying to win the "..." level

Cute game with an important message. Thanks for this!

I really hope that the intention is how saying, "I'm not OK" is so shunned, because that's what I got out of it.  But I'm not OK right now...

That was what I was going for. Sorry to hear you are not feeling ok right now, remember to surround yourself by those close to you.

OK, it certainly gets that across.  I think I need to mostly deal with some of the chaos, and most of that is just weathering it.