About the game.-

Small puzzle game about rumors that get out of control.

Made by Ludipe with images from "L'Espagne pittoresque, artistique et monumeatale. Mœurs, usages et costumes, par MM. M. de Cuendias et V. de Féréal. Illustrations par Célestin Nanteuil" and music by HowardWimshurst.


Use the mouse to connect dots and spread rumors around. It's all explained in the game.


Made in about a day of work. I liked the core mechanic because it's quite simple but easy to expand. The game shows a few of the additional mechanics I had in mind.

Working with public domain art was quite fun. I actually tried drawing the portraits myself, but since I had little time for this jam, I gave up on that pretty soon. To make the other assets in the game I drew them using an ink pen, took pictures of them and edited the photos a bit.

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Tags2D, Casual, Short


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Very fun!!!

very cool!

I heard a rumor (Gameplay Walkthrought)

Awesome use of the game mechanic to explain the concept of rumors.

I love it!

So cool game!



Super great and successful idea.

ultra lovely <3


Love this! Another excellent game

That's a simple and great idea!


Great presentation and topic, really well thought out puzzles too!


Beautiful art and music. The puzzles are challenging and rewarding. Great job.