Arrow keys to move and jump. R to restart.

Blocks placed close to the edges sometimes bug the level.

Made in under one hour game for 1h game jam (

// The original game had 7 levels, the current version has 9 new levels commissioned by a client.

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How did you make this in an hour?? I really liked playing it, I'm not the best at puzzle games but this had the perfect level of difficulty for me. I actually finished one of the levels by skipping one of the three collectibles, so I was pretty proud of myself for that. Nice work!

Nandy (Gameplay Walkthrought)

Very good game for 1h!

I can't even make something this good in a week!

Agreed! I don’t even know Ludipe managed to come up with the idea in time. Such elegant and simple games are the hardest to come up with, I think.


With just 1 hour there's not much room for planning haha. I was a bit stuck with the idea and I decided to make a platformer and place a grid in the background (because grid was the theme). Then I was thinking about how cool it'd be to edit the level, but I wasn't sure about how to implement that. Then I switched to another idea where you had to fill the whole grid with color as fast as possible, which wasn't super fun. And then it was like "wait, what if I combine these two".

Just throwing stuff at the engine and going for whatever feels good is a nice way to prototype small new mechanics.