Some wounds need time to heal. Recovering from them is like a journey, one you don't finish until the scars are gone. Out there in the sea, land shows up only when sailors are ready to return. Will you find a way home?

Made for #SFGJ (themes: healing & mental health). Winner of the "Mental Health Award" and "Jury Award" honorable mention.

Instructions: Use the arrow keys and "X" to interact with the objects in the ship. The game will end after some time, but your actions can make it shorter or longer. You can press "F" to toggle fullscreen.

IMPORTANT: Web version could have some audio delay, it's always better to download the desktop version.

A game by @ngelLuisSucasas and @Ludipe

With music by: MastaBrad, drumdude, Mandarien, etherealwinds and TaylorS

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsAbstract, away, boat, Experimental, healing, near, sailor, serious, solitude


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i do love this game. truly. it strikes me in a warm, empty place that i didn't know existed and temporarily places a private patch of purple sunset ocean there to take it up

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is there actually a way to beat the game or does it just go on forever? just want to know if i should keep trying

I think it goes on forever I don't really know either

The only way I know to end it is finish reading the books


I love the music choices! especially the organ / piano song, do you remember which specific song it is?


The composers are listed on the game's decription, but I can't recall who made each song. Sorry!

This game has lots of feels, I like the art style it would be fun controling the boat or find land to explore ARHG! maties.

here some gameplay of me experincing it ;P

Wow, thanks a lot for that video pebbles! Glad you enjoyed nearAWAY :-)