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i do love this game. truly. it strikes me in a warm, empty place that i didn't know existed and temporarily places a private patch of purple sunset ocean there to take it up

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is there actually a way to beat the game or does it just go on forever? just want to know if i should keep trying

I think it goes on forever I don't really know either

The only way I know to end it is finish reading the books


I love the music choices! especially the organ / piano song, do you remember which specific song it is?


The composers are listed on the game's decription, but I can't recall who made each song. Sorry!

This game has lots of feels, I like the art style it would be fun controling the boat or find land to explore ARHG! maties.

here some gameplay of me experincing it ;P

Wow, thanks a lot for that video pebbles! Glad you enjoyed nearAWAY :-)