Detective roguelike where you try to solve mysteries and pay rent.

Made by Ludipe for #7DRL jam

With music by simondsouza under a CC license

I recommend enabling FULLSCREEN on the main menu.

<<<  Instructions  >>>

You only need a mouse to play. Make sure you click "help" on every new screen to read all the tips.

You use skills to find a WHO, WHY and HOW on every case. Once you have two arrows pointing at a suspicion (WHO, WHY or HOW), it'll turn green. You solve the case if you managed to turn green one of every kind.

<<<  Example  >>>

<<<  Current version  >>>

1.0.0 : Release.

1.0.1 : Goal is now 215$. Fixed a bug that didnt't reset time and money after playing a second game.

1.0.2 : Colors have been tweaked so they're easier to distinguish.

1.0.3 : Muscle card that removed an arrow now replaces it with a blank clue and creates a path in a random direction. Talker card that started a path on an uninspected clue now makes a clue disappear. Now the goal is to get 320$ in 90 days or less (instead of 215$ in 60 days). Discarding a card now takes two turns instead of 1.

1.0.4 :The consultor card that created a new suspicion now will only spawn one of a type you haven't completed yet. Same thing happens with the talker card that spawns a suspicion in a random spot (plus this suspicion will have less defense). The talker card that made a node disappear now changes a suspicion type (into one you haven't completed). The goal now it to get 400$.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Made withConstruct
Tagsascii, Detective, Mystery, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Roguelite


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Muscle is simply OP lol


surprisingly challenging!! great work


Really enjoy this game. Have not yet been able to pay rent! This is really fun. And gonna play till I can pay rent on all classes. If you end up coming back to developing/adding to this game more in the future - I'll definitely come back to it :3


Still trying to figure out the mechanics/strategy in how to make green connections work so I don't waste so many days - if anyone has anyone hints please let me know :D


Awesome game, but when I was playing Wannabe (with 2 consultor and 1 muscle) I only ever drew the second consultor card (across 2 playthroughs) so it might be bugged?

I just tested it and it's definitely a bug. I made this game long ago but I don't think many experimented with the wannabe class haha.

Glad you enjoyed the other bits of the game!

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OMG!! a really subtle explorative roguelike! and to hear that its totally made on html5 is goddamn crazy! thanks a ton for making this game! really enjoyed it! 10/10

- great aesthetic

- challenging gameplay

- Proc Gen(Endless replayability) !!!!!


Weird yet fun


I played this game a couple years back but didn't comment; just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it

Thanks for coming back here and letting me know! :-D


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 31: Rogue-Lites

Thanks! This is lovely.


Very interesting strategy games. it took quite a while to figure out how to play but very engaging to play after you get it.

I get goal of $400. Which pretty much requires spamming hard puzzles to have any chance, at least it does the way I'm playing.

I wish I could skip the cutscenes


If you double click during a cutscene it just toggles super fast speed. I should have hinted that.

(2 edits)

Yellow and green variants that are used by this game are near undistinguishable at least on my screen.
I genuinely thought i discovered a bug until I processed a screenshot in an image editor.

The example gif is seen ok, the screenshots if I upload them to Itch also seem ok (although significantly less) but in game itself - no way to distinguish at all.

I just uploaded a quick fix, let me know if it's better now :-)

Yeah, that's much better. Thx!