A tiny puzzle by Ludipe with music by SoftRiver. Made for the Confounding Calendar 2023.

I recommend using fullscreen mode. The game is fully playable on phones.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
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TagsExperimental, Lo-fi, Pixel Art, Short, Turn-based


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The concept of this game is extremely unique and I think its almost a race-to-finish and space-fitting game like Tetris., I wish the buttons of the left and right were possibly only on one side in order to make more interface room for the small players. I also think it is not rewarding enough when you correctly connect the dancers to the footprints. 


this is great


Love it - really communicates the theme! Would love to see some of the positions only completed if both the guy and girl were in specific places, rather than it being disconnected, that would cut down on times when I'm just pushing her around. 

But love this, great work!

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I got 53 and 8/10


Music and graphics are excellent! I'm not so good at optimization puzzles, so I've got 5/10 dancing skills, but I really enjoyed it!!


57 on first try, Im going to fixe that.

53 is an 8. Better.

51 is a 9. Close.


49. Now my dancing is as good as the game: 10/10


I got 57 too, 6/10


I got a 5/10 and had a great time, such a creative concept!


Lovely concept!


This is so cute, really nice job


This is lovely!


10/10 game. 

7/10 dancing skills.

how many moves is 7/10? I feel like there are restrictions on how many steps a locally optimal path is, and you are the only one who says they got 7/10.

I think it was 55 steps.

then I think every 2 steps of optimization = +1 to score

Concept is brilliant. And the music fits so well. Very enjoyable experience!

(And it turns out I can’t dance well, neither physically nor digitally.)


very fun love the concept! great music too! 10/10 :D