not a text editor v1.0

click on the top-right-corner to open the menu

made in a couple of hours

by Ludipe

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I expected the line to end up at the beginning and a window to zoom out to show what the picture ended up looking lik

this is word


you are correct this is word but basic partially wrong but basically it has the same purpose of word

is word

(1 edit)

I typed the whole alphabet by myself By the way, piracy in any way is morally and ethically correct; I am not telling an opinion, I am telling a fact.


I typed haha how fake and its


For some odd reason very entertaining to just watch the letters and listen to the Sound! 



set the size to 10 and then spam a, its so satisfying


This is great. I wish pasting with ctrl-v worked, but unfortunately it’s broken for me.


i wrote down some of my thoughts at the moment and found it very satisfying to the point i had to force myself to stop typing i ended with an unholy amount of words and thoughts 10/10


It was satisfying to just type meaningless nothings and watch the words twist around chaotically like ants exploring terrain. I also liked the typewriter sound effect, it really added ompf to each letter :)


I love it. Just a few tweaks to the settings and you can type out a good chunk of stuff in a very entertaining and fun way. 

I wrote an entire diary entry on this lol it felt pretty good to just type and let the words disappear into the void. I wish there was an option to save the entire photo/text file with all the crazy directions, the words can be legible if you set it to the right angles. It was cool to read some of the words the right way and then watching the letters twist around and read backwards as you follow the sentence, it tripped me up a few times when I reread my words lol.

 I've tried doing something similar with an actual pen on my journals and it was so difficult to keep the loops even, this is a great alternative if I want a fancy line of text for my journal or scrapbook. I've been screen capturing my sentences and printing them out to glue to my notebooks but it would be so much easier to have the ability to save what we've typed as a text file to go directly into a word editor or as a photo for easier printing and trimming down to the proper size. I'd also love to save these to my phone to post or use a wallpaper with motivational text. 

Love your work. Keep it up, you're amazing at what you do. 

Thanks for your comment! It does mean a lot, I'm really happy you're using this tool.
Apparently, I decided to upload the source of this to the itch page, so I might be able to implement saving options. Give me a few days to look into it!


This is so pointlessly fun

its an awesome time killer

what program did you use?



Thanks! :-D

I used Construct 2 to make this.


goofy little text writer thats fun to toy around with nice nice nice