A very serious game about tying a tie. Gameplay video here.

Forget all those mobile apps. You'll finally learn how to tie a tie.

Made during #ALTCTRL by a developer who has never tied one. With music by Insidebeat.


  • This game requires you to hold your keyboard in front of your chest. If you're using a laptop you'll need to plug an external keyboard (or risk breaking it).
  • Some keyboards don't work properly with certain combinations of 3 or more keys (but the game doesn't really require them, that's only useful for cheating).
  • You can press Escape during the intro/tutorial to skip it.
  • If possible, play the desktop version.
  • Button mashing is for cheaters. Plus you could press a key that closes the game.
  • The game supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keyboard layouts. You can switch them from the menu (press escape during the tutorial to go to the menu).
Updated 27 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreAction, Simulation
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Casual, Comedy, Experimental, Funny, Minimalist, Short, weird
Average sessionA few seconds


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Played it.

Thanks for making.


Haha played on a laptop


Oh shoot,  I'm playing in a laptop


I fully support what you are doing with us. stuff like this alters the way app design is viewed. like... just open it up and play with it! YES! YOU ARTIST!

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Such a cool game! I felt as if I was tying an actual tie! What a time to be alive

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I'm on a portable computer with an AZERTY keyboard so that's a pretty strange (and unusable) tie but I'm glad you created this game! it sounds pretty fun!


Thanks! I'll try to add more keyboard layouts soon.


I did a quick implementation (which isn't fully tested) of some additional keyboard layouts (including AZERTY). You can press escape during the tutorial to go to the menu and choose the right layout there.

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How quick!!

Thank you, now I know how to tie a tie in... 146, 4 seconds. Ok, that could be faster but I guess I could now do it for real?

That's not an easy game, that's hard to understand whether to click right or left and up or down but (I should try it with a wired keyboard!) well, thank you, that  was a cool experience!

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As someone who had to tie a tie every day for school, I’d say you got it pretty spot on!

Very funny, too. I love the innovation of having to hold the keyboard up.


Thanks a lot for your comment! Having a realistic approach to tie knots was one of my goals with this project :-P